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Rom Manager is a great tool and a must have app for anyone not satisfied with the stock Android look and feel.

An Android device is the computer techie’s friend, a fully customizable hand held device. But without a manager, flashing new ROMs is an absolute pain. Pinpointing problems, searching for updates and fixing permissions one file at a time is time consuming and difficult even for experienced programmers. ROM Manager is the best choice to flash an Android ROM.


Rom Manager – clockworkmod recovery

With over 10 million downloads, ROM Manager from the developers at ClockWork is a popular download to customize your phone or mobile device to run the way you want. Even though its design is simple and easy to use, this is not the ROM app for inexperienced people. Newbies beware: changing operating systems can be dangerous if you don’t know what is going on. If you don’t your way around you can end up bricking your device.

There are several facets to this app that make it handy tools. CWM’s Rom Manager covers the entire process of flashing a new ROM to your phone, from rebooting to a custom recovery mod to fixing permissions in a one touch process. The app makes it easy to install ROM from anywhere on the SD card or install ROM themes from a QR code. Quick recoveries and simple prompts for installation makes ROM Manager the app to have when flashing ROMs.

Clockworkmod recovery

Clockworkmod recovery

Handy features in the Rom Manager Premium app include only showing compatible ROMs for your device, receive notifications for when your ROM is updated, searching for updates in ROMS from the app and automatic backups and recovery features. Not to mention you can turn off the ads in your premium version or allow them to run to help support the developers. Some ROMs are only available in the premium version along with the automatic updates.


  • Works seamlessly with ClockWork Mod Recovery and other recoveries can be linked to further customize your experience
  • Regular updates keep the app as smooth as possible
  • Keep track of current ROM and check for updates for your ROM in seconds
  • Simple mid-level installation – mix prompts and automated flash
  • No coding to customize your phones
  • Speed of flash
  • Easy and fast to use for those with a CS background


  • Limited free version
  • In App purchases – slightly higher price than similar apps
  • Pretty technical – not for the layman
  • Free version does not check for updates
  • Ads on in free version
  • Can result in bricking your phone

Clockworkmod’s Rom Manager can help you customize your phone and install the ROM that best fits your needs in a simple process. Since the app needs computer experience to be used properly, reviews are mixed, many people failing to use it at full power. But rest assured Rom Manager is a great tool.


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